Sekta Living Museum Tour

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Type: Museum
Closing Days: Open all days
Suitable for: Old People, Young People, Ladies
Timings: 09:00-17:00
Time Required: 2.0 hr
Best Time to Visit: April - August
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Sekta Living Museum Tour, Imphal Overview

Located in the picturesque city of Imphal, the Sekta Archaeological Living Museum is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike. This living museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of Manipur, one of the most fascinating states in India. From ancient artifacts to traditional houses, this tour is a perfect blend of education and entertainment.The museum is home to a vast collection of artifacts that showcase the mesmerizing history of Manipur. From pottery, sculptures, and weapons to intricate jewelry and coins, the museum has it all. These artifacts date back to several centuries and provide a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived in Manipur. As you make your way through the museum, you will come across various displays that are sure to leave you in awe.One of the highlights of the tour is the traditional houses that have been built in the exact same way as they were centuries ago. These houses are a reflection of the local culture and architecture, giving visitors an insight into the way people lived in the past. As you walk through the houses, you will see how every aspect of the house was carefully crafted, from the walls made of thatched bamboo to the intricate designs on the doors.Apart from the artifacts and traditional houses, the museum also offers a unique opportunity to learn about the local culture. The museum has expert guides who provide a detailed explanation of the exhibits and the history of Manipur. They also share interesting stories and legends that have been passed down through generations.

Visitors can also interact with the locals at the museum and get a first-hand experience of their way of life.The Sekta Living Museum tour is not just a treat for the eyes, but also for the soul. The tranquil surroundings and the rich history of Manipur make it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

With its SEO-friendly description, the tour is sure to attract visitors from all over the world who are looking to explore the hidden gems of India. So, pack your bags and get ready to be swept away by the charm and beauty of Manipur at the Sekta Archaeological Living Museum in Imphal.

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