Lava and Lolegaon Hill Stations

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Type: Trekking
Closing Days: Open all days
Suitable for: Old People, Young People, Ladies
Timings: 08:00-17:00,09:00-18:00
Time Required: 4.0 hr
Best Time to Visit: March - May, October - November
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Lava and Lolegaon Hill Stations, Kalimpong Overview

Nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, the serene hill stations of Lava and Lolegaon in Kalimpong, India offer an idyllic retreat for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. With captivating views of lush greenery, snow-capped mountains, and a tranquil atmosphere, this tour package promises to be a rejuvenating experience for all.The tour begins in Lava, a picturesque hamlet situated at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level, known for its scenic beauty and pleasant climate. Lava boasts of dense forests, meandering streams, and rolling hills, making it the ideal place to rejuvenate and soak in the beauty of nature. The lush greenery of the Neora Valley National Park, which is home to a variety of flora and fauna, is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.Next on the itinerary is Lolegaon, another charming hill station situated at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level. With its cascading waterfalls, breathtaking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, and peaceful atmosphere, Lolegaon is often referred to as the "Queen of Hills". The picturesque Canopy Walk, a hanging bridge made of bamboo situated amidst the lush forests, is a unique experience and a must-visit during the tour.The tour also includes a visit to the nearby Changey Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in north Bengal, offering a spectacular sight to behold.

The trek to the waterfall is a thrilling experience and is sure to leave you mesmerized.Apart from its scenic beauty, Lava and Lolegaon also offer the opportunity to experience the rich culture and traditions of the Himalayan region. The locals are welcoming and warm, and a visit to one of the nearby villages will give you an insight into their way of life.The tour package also includes comfortable accommodation, delicious local cuisine, and knowledgeable guides who will ensure a hassle-free and memorable experience for all. Whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway or an adventure-filled holiday, the Lava Lolegaon Tour Package in Kalimpong is the perfect choice for you.So come, explore the serene hill stations of Lava and Lolegaon in Kalimpong, India and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Let the lush greenery, stunning views of the Himalayas, and peaceful atmosphere rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Book your tour now and get ready for an experience of a lifetime.

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